I need new tires

Ok guys...learn me something :) I'm wanting to replace the stock tires on my 05 wr450. The 756 in the rear was ok, i guess. But I have had problems with the front end washing out a little. I live in northern California, and right about now, everything is hard and dusty. I know there is something else out there beside Dunlops. Any advise? What about mixing brands with front/rear?

Thanks in advance... :)

For the soft to intermediate stuff I ride, the IRC M5B is the bomb on the rear. Man, does that sucker hook up good. It has worn pretty good too. I tried the Dunlop 756 front after my stock 739, not too impressed there. I guess I dont have anything real bad to say other that is didnt wear very good but everyone told me that prior to buying it. I will try something different next time. Maybe the Maxxis. Do a search, there are tons of threads on this subject.

756 front, TERA FLEX rear, the only way to go. unless you ride hardpack, then use a KENDA Carlsbad front.

I gotta try a Terraflex. Those look awesome. :)

Yeah that TeraFlex rear 140/80-18 is tough to beat it works well in every condition! :)

I have heard that Cheng Shin are thin walled and garbage. I had a set on my xr400 and I hated them. But I haven't heard of the TereFlex.

Rear Maxxis IT, front Kenda Millville. :) The Teraflex looks good, but it's a little pricey....

TeraFlex will run about $90.00. but it has a lot of rubber and weighs 20 lbs!

Adds flywheel to the bike and has great traction in loose conditions. :)

Hey Indy, are they making it in 19" yet?

no it is only available in 18" :)

Maxxis IT! inexpensive and wears like iron without chunking :) I think it is the best deal for your money. :):D

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