Is my new Dr.D pipe dented??

I rec'd my new Dr.D pipe last night. Excited to open the box and found a 3-4" long dent on the bottom toward the front of the can. :D

You won't be able to see the dent unless you stand on your head :)

Should I send it back or just live with it. Knowing me it won't be long until I hit a tree... :)

Is it a neatly formed rectangular dent? It's for clearance for the brake caplier when the suspension is at full travel.

It's hard to picture what you are saying but that must be it... I looks like you could have made the dent with a screwdriver by pushing really hard.

Thanks for your help. :)

Not to worry, Cozza's got it right. It's supposed to be there....Take a look at the stock exhaust, you'll see the same dent...

I went to install exhaust system last night and the ends of the header pipe and exhaust pipe (where they connect) we're smashed (flat spots) :):D:D

I sent the pipe back this morning. I hope they come thru and get me the replacement asap. :)

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