00' YZ426....keeper?

I just bought a 00' YZ426 thats in "good" condition. I bought it from my brother to help him out and didn't pay much for it. It runs great and starts first kick hot or cold. My other bikes are a 05' YZ250F and a 01' DRZ400E/street legal (barely). I have the 426 for sale for $2750 but have had no bites on it. So now I'm thinking I may just keep it since my son will be riding the 250F next year. I have the itch to have a lightweight big-bore with an auto clutch but don't know if i want to dump that much money in the bike. It will need some suspension work to make it race worthy and about $300 worth of other stuff for my preferences as well. Has anyone else gone down this road lately? Should I dump it and get a later model 450? :)

Keep it!!!

Keep it the 2000 426 is a great bike I know I have one :)

The 426 is a die hard, it will last you a life time. Keep it if its in good condition.

Just watch the balancer keyway and keep it. Its a great bike. The guy I sold mine to (when I bought my 03 CRF) still rides it every single weekend...

I loved graduating from my DRZ to the mighty 426. It is three times the motorcycle. Now my son's on the Suzuki and we have a blast riding together in the woods. Definately keep it, maintain it and enjoy the hell out of it!

I guess it's unanimous. She's a keeper. Thanks.

Absol F*c*ing lutely she is a monster of a bike! I love mine! :) All that shiet about smoother power and refinement, is a load of horse ship, give me all out balls to the wall, do you wann any more crazy power?! :)

If you want to race MX more than semi-seriously, I'd say get a newer 450. Notice I didn't say to ditch the 426. I'd keep it and ride it for fun. It's still one bad a__ bike, all this time later, and machinery of any kind is rarely any more reliable.

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