Baffle Out, Rejet?

We took the baffle out of my buddys 450 We did not open up the air box. Do we need to rejet? I think it will be ok, since we are not adding more air. What have you guys done? thx

If it's gonna blow more air, it needs to suck more air or you're wasting your time. Pull the snorkel to equalize the flow between the input and output. Then rejet a little richer, but do one circuit at a time until you get things right...SC

My '05 WR 450F came from California, 165 main and 45 secondary. I took off the 'octopus' system, openned some holes in the air box (it is already marked by Yamaha, in the right side) and remove the spark arrestor and the small end tube in the exhaust.

What do you ''carb gurus' reccomend for rejetting ?

Paulo Langer


'05 WR450

Id say wait and do all of the other free mods if you haven't yet before you rejet. That way you save the trouble of having to do it three or for times

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