Air Tanks

I have just made up a set of air tanks for my 01 YZ426. They are of a similar design to the too tech tanks but I have made it as 2 tanks and not one and with the check valve fitted to the top of the fork. What would be a good start point to set my

1. oil height

2. oil weight

3. compression clicker

4. rebound clicker

Initially I will set the check valve 3 turns out.

Any help with the setup of air tanks would be greatly appreciated. :)

Kaj Coulter

The idea, or at least one of them, of sub tanks is to allow higher oil levels. Currently, I'm running both my bikes at 90mm, near the max level for the fork without a sub tank. I am deliberately not exceeding the OEM max because I want to keep as much oil as possible from work up into the tank. At this time, I don't have reason to run it higher.

Oil weight really has nothing to do with the tanks, IMO. I do like Mobil1 Synthetic Dexron III automatic transmission fluid better than the 5wt fork fluid called for, and Dexron is 7wt. There is probably a difference in the behavior of Dexron and 7wt fork fluid, however.

I started with the rebounds at about 3/4 hard, and the compressions at about halfway, and went from there. I used a one way metering valve which restricts air flow to the tank based on the needle setting, and unrestricted return air flow to the forks. You will find that this gives you something like a high/low speed compression setting to work with. Currently, I have the valves set at about 2/3 open.

Here's mine:

Thanks for the reply. I have tried a 2 tank system like enzo design and had drilled the 6mm hole in the cap but I found I got a lot of oil transfer. I have now made up a 2 tank system but in a single tank by welding 2 pieces of stainless tube together and fitting end plugs. I have found that I am not getting the oil transfer now but I did weld the hole back up in the spacer. I have found the forks are better now I just need to play around with the clickers to get the best result.

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