98 xr600 bog

Bought a xr6 off a fellow tt member. Need help w/a bog problem. Have not had very long and have not played w/it yet so not sure of the jetting but..

after a long w/open run and (now I find) after a section of whoops it SOMETIMES bogs and only will take 1/4 throttle. I baby it for a min. or two and it will take full throttle again. Seems to happen more just after I get on the gas hard. Runs great otherwise. Has a p.c. pipe on it. Just bought a stocker to be legal. Lean jetting? Foat? Any ideas?

Firstly, if the age of the fuel is considered suspect, drain the carb and tank and put in some fresh stuff. If that doesn't help, rip the carb down and if you have a stock motor with restrictors removed, rejet it to the following-this is what my bike runs-

-#155 main jet (1 size larger than stock)

-#62 pilot jet (standard)

-needle 3rd clip position (stock)

-float height 14.5mm (stock)

-airscrew 2 5/8 turns out (2 turns out stock)

*my bike has a bog stock engine and running the stock pipe with baffle removed. Other restrictors removed (airbox and inlet manifold).

Thanks, I'll have a look after I get the stock pipe on the get a starting point.

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