Picking up the BRP

I have a silly but serious question for you guys. I've been riding the BRP for a couple weeks now and have noticed that there is no obvious handle or place on the right side to lift the rear of the bike with. Other bikes that I have seen/ridden have this feature. Is there something I'm missing?

the fenders strong. thats what i use.

Nope, you're not missing anything, there is no handhold like the YZF's and WR's have. I always just grabbed the rear fender up close to the seat, it's pretty strong there.

My DR650 has a handhold on both sides, very convenient, it would be nice if they all had them since they come in handy.

That's what friends are for!

I grab the portion where the rear brake reservoir is. But if I have to the rear fender works in a pinch.

I use the rear fender up next to the seat....Works every time......... :)

I'd imagine the 5'1" Japanese men that designed the bike had no idea us Husky fellars would even pick this bike up. Hence no handgrip. I use the rear fender also. However, that only works from one side. I don't agree that the rear fender is "strong". It's good enough to shuffle the bike around but those damn bolts come loose quicklike.

us "L" model owners pick ours up with a crane ... fork lift works well, too .. :)

I agree with don87xr600....friends are invaluable ! I dumped my XR650L at the very top of a steep hill a few weeks ago, after I tumbled about 15 feet down the hill I climbed back up and "fuct" help me pick up the big piggy. ahhhh Memories

Its always more fun to ride with friends, see them crash, better if someone witnesses your dumps...and share some good times!

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