13 tooth countershaft sprocket on a 05 WR 450

I figured for $15 I would try this. I know to make a YZ work well climbing hills and general off road riding this is the way to go. But I was not sold on this for the WR as the Trany and final drive are so much different than a YZ.

Well :D ...

So far the only place I tried it was on flat ground here around the house. It seems to be too much for the WR I have to constantly shift and the engine winds up way too fast. It is way easy to get the front tire off the ground :D:D However as soon as its up the engine is tacked out and its time to shift. With stock gearing I can power the front up easy also so that is not too big a deal. I probably diddint need to change my gearing anyway as I don't have a big problem climbing with stock gearing. I was just experementing. I think I may leave it so I can try it in the mountains.

I weigh about 260lbs. and the more I think of what I am after with the bike it comes down to more power. Gearing probably wont get me where I want to be. Don't flame me but sometimes I think I should have got a CRF450 :):) .

Ok now I'm kind of ranting but I value the advise I get here and I thought I would post my findings for others. As far as me wanting more power do any of you have any sudjestions for me? I will spend some $ if I have to but it kind of sucks as the reason I got the WR over the CRF was the WR was about $1000 less. I love the bike I just want more power.

OK I think I'm done :D:D

Put in a YZ exhaust cam and go back to 14 tooth front sprocket. The YZ exhaust cam will widen the power band and eliminate the short shifting you do with the WR cam to go fast. You will end up staying in gear longer and not feeling like you are past the peak torque curve early in the rpm range. :)

Wow thanks for the info.

Do I only have to put in the exhaust cam or both intake and exhaust?

Are you talking about a stock yz cam or an aftermarket cam?

Do I have to use an 05 cam or will a 04 or 03 cam do the trick? Are they different?

Where is the best place to get one?

You hit it right on the money with what you said! If I can make this bike feel like you discribe I think I will be happy with it. I have ridden YZ's and that is what I liked about them.

Thank you!

BUMP -- Still lookin for info on YZ cam in 05 WR 450????

I put on a 15 tooth today and I really like it! I am on the road as much as off road mind you so I wanted the extra speed but I actually find the 1st gear power is more usable now as I am not shifting so quickly. As for the torque, there is plenty to bring up the front wheel in 1st 2nd or 3rd.

Another nice thing ... the aluminum sprocket guard (case saver) still fits without grinding. There was plenty of chain even with the stock 50T on the rear.


I have thought of trying to go that way too just to see how it rides. Maybe see if I can find a 48 rear :):D

But... Playing with the front is cheaper :D It just seems that for the riding I do (more technical single track stuff) that might be too much for the engine :)

I am really interested in anyones experience with a YZ cam in a 05 WR if any of you have tried this please post your findings.

I have a 05 WR450 and I think the yz has a 14/48. Would that help at all. I was thinking about going to a 14/48. I do off road racing and play in the woods with uphills etc. What do u think?

13 tooth front sprocket is a must for trials type riding and nasty slow rocky hill climbs. :)

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