brake pads

several sources for brake pads out there, and I suppose for everyday use and cowtrailing the "carbon pads" would be fine,.. I assume they aren't damaging to rotors ... but I see a wide range of prices ... TUSK pads being way cheap, with the EBC and Galfer pads priced about the same ... anybody have experience with the cheap Tusk pads ? ... or a recommendation for pads ? ... thanks in advance

I havent changed mine yet due to low mileage and lower wallet. But I am sure you get what you pay for, I would go EBC myself.


EBC carbon pads work great....

I recently put in EBC longlife (nonrace) copper sintered brake pads (recommended for sand and mud). The feel is smooth and strong. I am very happy with the upgrade.

I just purchased a new Tusk rear stainless rotor and carbon pads from for my XR600. When they come in and are on the bike I will let you know. Currently I can't even stop on flat ground with the back brake because the rotor is shot. :) The pads are okay, but I decided to go for new since they are so cheep. Any improvement at this point will be great. :) Only time I use the back brake anyway is when I'm going down hill. Paralyzed from knee down on right leg, so I never know when I'm pressing the rear anyway.

Rotor was $49.99 and the pads $12.99.

cool, Im in no hurry, figure I'll need pads before long, thats why Im asking beforehand ..

I'm on my third set of fronts and oem rears at 33000km. I got 18000 from genuine, 7500 from ebc, I've got 8000 on an sbs set that are about a quarter left. I'm gonna run oem next set....more money but longer life is worth it IMO

I recently put in EBC longlife (nonrace) copper sintered brake pads (recommended for sand and mud). The feel is smooth and strong. I am very happy with the upgrade.

Ive used sintered pads before on my car, that ate up the rotors ... are these copper-sintered pads rough on the Honda rotors too ? ...

For racing Carbon is the way to go. You will get better response in all conditions.

You will have less heat issues, etc.

For trails/dual sport sintered will last 5 times longer. C level riders wont feel the difference.

Some guys go with carbon in the back and sintered in the front--but if you do that make sure your rear brake is set 'loose' so you dont drag it and burn the carbon pads.

If you are a very occasional rider on a tight budget get the cheaper Tusk sintered pads and forget about them...

I usually run the EBC and Moose pads.

Remember to replace the long screw that holds the pads in. It will oxidize and the pads will stick/bind. If you are cheap--just clean it up with some emory cloth.

The stainless rotor and carbon pads came in from Had the old parts off the bike in 10 minutes and was riding with the new Tusk parts on in about half an hour. After the third or fourth time I put the rear brakes on they were set up pretty well. :) I can actually lock them up now. :D As good a brakes that I've had on any other bike. In other words, don't spend to much money. You may not get better brakes, just more money out of your wallet.

Now I just want to know how I can hook up my rear brakes to a hand brake system? :) Or us a proportioning valve off of the front brake? 65% rear 35% front. If anyone has some suggestions for a one legged rider let me know. :D

Brembo and Magura make a left hand thumb brake for the road race world.. Ill bet you could get one to work on your piggie.

EBC used to make the Tusk brake parts for RockyMountain and they probably still do.

cool, thats what I was fishing for .... I know most of these cut-rate sources don't manufacture their own stuff,.. I was hoping to find out a reputable company was making them for Tusk ... :)


I don't have enough time on these pads to say how they will wear. The carbon pads that I took off were falling apart on the edges. I expect these nonrace sintered pads to wear evenly.

My stock pads are nearly gone after low miles, maybe 1200. I just ordered the Tusk sintered. I figured I would give them a shot, suspecting they will be as good as any other sintered out there. I will let you know my opinion once I try them.

Also, Carbon pads offer better feel, but they also dissappear more when they get wet. Not good in these parts.

Got the Tusk rotor and pads on the rear of my 600 and they worked great. The first time I have been able to lock up the back wheel since I bought the bike (my back brake is set up pretty loose so I had to give is a moderate push). After about the third time I pushed the brake they were set up nice.

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