what can i do to my 98 yz400f?

i have a 98 yzf and a few years ago it was having some timeing and valve problems and i never had the money to fix what it needed. well im ready to get back into racing and i want to wait for the 06's before i buy a new bike. what are some things i can do to the ol' four double zero that will help it keep up with B class 450s? what parts can i take from a 426 or 450 and put on my bike. also it needs a face lift - i know about the '03 plastic swap but i have no clue how to do it or anything. so if i could get some help that would be awsome. im sure i can find my answers by looking at every thread on this sight but i don't have time to do that. thanks


If your gonna get an 06 why pump money into the 98?? Fix it up so its rideable and enjoy it till the 06s come out....The 400s/426s can keep up with the 450s without heavily modding the bike...Its all about twisting the throttle....

a faster rider can keep up with anyone on anything :)

I never had any problems keeping up with my friends, with new 450's, on my 98'. The power was not that big of difference, the main difference from the 400's to the new 450's is the wieght.

I definelty wouldn't spend a bunch of money making a 400 faster if you plan on buying a new bike in a couple of months.

You can put a FMF pwoerbomb header on it and PowerCore4 exhaust and then a UNi and then a 450 carb.Then 426 radiators, a power now. A i-cat. Get the vavles done. Aluminum sub-frame..........the list goes on............ive done it.......i would wait for the 06

pump a 12 gauge slug into the head...problem solved

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