Update on Clutch Failer XR-650 R

Here's the update on the clutch Failer on my XR-650 R. The repair is not going to be covered under warranty. The bushing that caused the failer is not covered under warranty as it was explained to me that any part on the clutch page is not covered under warranty. The company name is Western they offer extended warranties :) as far as I'm concerned are not worth it. So in short I'm looking at upgrading the clutch Anyone running a good set up on their 650. I'm looking at the Hinson right now being that the basket is the same price as the stock one. :)

I found out about the problem to late to save the replacment costs of the part for the clutch but I would recommend that if you have one of the early XR 650 R you take a look at these sites and save yourselves some money



I would read the fine print on my warranty info and fight them tooth and nail if you can't find anything excluding the clutch parts. Good luck!

I take it you did not purchase the Honda extended warrantee but some after market warrantee plan. My Honda shop just replaced all my clutch discs under warrantee. At the time I purchased the bike I also purchased the 3 1/2 years of extended Honda warrantee. My shop has covered striped out threads on the tank mount and now the clutch through this warrantee.

Anyway you are right about replacing that bearing before it goes out. Specially if you are not under warrantee. Do it now or it will cost you a lot more. You could actually have to replace the shaft that drives the clutch (not cheap). My understanding is that sometime in the 2002 production line Honda upgraded this bearing. This indicates they became aware of the weakness in the original bearing. You might go above the dealers head to Honda's reps. This should be considered a defect.

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