What's my 02 wr426 worth?

Sadley, I might have to sell my bike since I'm moving back to California (southern!). It only has 335 miles on it and hasn't been ridden very much the last couple of years (besides starting it up and putting around a little every week). It has a twin air air filter, a gyt-r exhaust insert, a devol skid plate, a cut grey wire, acerbis hand guards, frame guards, and extra brand new set of brakes, a yz seat (no tank though yet), and I have taking extremely good care of it, changing oil after every ride (yeah, I know it's overkill), It's a great bike, but I need the money. Anyone have any idea what it would be worth? Thanks.

I just paid almost 4000 but the guy had just put on applied triples, a scotts stab and a factory FX seat. Check out ebay, recycler and traider and see what they are asking for them :)


Lists average retail at 3,410.

Seems low to me, a proven clean bike would likely fetch in the $4000 range as mentioned above.

I am not sure, but, do not go by out of state prices and yours has really low miles and it is a WR (hard to find). Green sticker in California commands a little premium. Usually a really clean '02 YZ or WR 426 or 250F is sold to the first guy that comes to see it. I know because I lost 2 of them when I was looking. I would guess your is worth mid to high 3s. Take a picture of of the boot wear on the clutch cover and crank cover (gear shift lever). That clearly shows the thing has low miles. Put it in high in the recycler, the first guy that comes will be ready to buy and if you let him talk you down some, it will be sold. :)

I changed my mind, I think it is worth $4K+ :)

Don't sweat it, they sell fast. At least here in LA they do. :)

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