AMSOIL for my WR?

I noticed in another forum that a lot of you guys run AMSOIL in your WR. I recently got my motor back together and want to treat the old girl to the best oil out there. Which AMSOIL do you AMSOIL users run?

Also, for those of you who answered many questions while I was building my motor after taking on much sand and water crossing a creek, the motor is like new again and I was very pleased with all the top end work that WMR racing did. They re-chromed the cylinder, which was out of round, bored, and honed for $240. Built the head, replaced valve buckets, seals, new piston, wrist pin, rings. Total price with shipping was $769.

Thanks again for all the good advice....

It depends what u want to use. Synthetic? I would break in an engine first before using synthetic. I think some are using amsoil after break in, 10w40. I have one more oil change to do with my old oil and I will switch to amsoil Syn. 10w40. They have air filters and oil. The oil filters they dont have for my 05 WR450F. Check item for your bike. Evryone will tell you or advise other oils. There are good people on here with a lot of info. just my two cents.

Yeah, what cgrlvr35 said. If you want the best for your bike the AMSOIL 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil is what you need.

I run Amsoil 10w-40 in the winter months and 20w-50 in the summer months.

Amsoil is great stuff at a great price. I also agree on taking your time on break in with conventional oil before going to synthetic. :)

I've always used the 10W-40 Amsoil but just got a Rekluse so am changing to Delo 400 for the clutch.

All my bikes have run great on the 10W-40 though.

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