When buying your 05 what other bikes did shop?

And what was it about the Yamaha that made your decision? Thanks.

The 450X wasn't out yet, and I was skittish about reliability anyway, so I was really down to the Yamaha and the KTM. I'm by no means a serious rider, so with the changes to the '05 model and the difference in price, the Yamaha was the best choice for me. It's a really good bike - especially for the price. The magazines seem to agree.

Looked at the KTM, considered the Honda, rode some of the 200cc two strokes and decided the Yamaha was the best bike for me. I have good connections with a couple of Yamaha dealers which also helped sway me to the blue side of the force.

it came down to the yamaha or the ktm. in the end i made my decision based on price. personaly i think the ktm is slightly better(not as much after free mods)but not a $1000 better.

well got mine because i was wrenching @ a Yamaha/Honda/kawi dealer. so at the time it was the only highpoered bike with an Estart i could get at employee pricing.

you will be happy with the wr450. i would say it the best of the Estart motors {wr/crfx/ktm/drz}. with a YZ cam it wakes up the bike amazingly. way more bottom and top power.

now having praised the WR, i have to say i would never buy one again. missing 6th gear......... sob sob sob. this might not bother you unless you are like me. built/geared for insane trails yet still street legal.

I looked at a KTM 520 and an XR650R before I bought my WR426. I liked the forks and the engine better on the Yamaha. BTW, do you ever wonder why Yamaha is the only bike with 5 titanium valves with double overhead cams? Because they have a patent on this 5 valve setup. It is simple physics, a higher number of smaller valves flow better than a smaller number of bigger valves. After the Yamaha patent wears out, I bet you all the tea in china that all the double overhead cam bikes (KTM, Kawasaki/Suzuki) go to 5 valve engines. but, for lower center of gravity, Honda may stick with their higher maint., noisier single cam 4 valve setup. :)

I'd always been a Honda guy, used to have an XR600, so I was waiting for the 450X. Then I began learning about the issues with their beer coaster-sized piston and tempermental valve train. I then turned my focus to KTM and Yamaha. In the end, price one out, both in initial purchase and overall maintenance. Since Yamaha's engine pretty much set the off-road standard, and continues to do so, I'm now a Yamaha and Honda guy. Now, if they come out with a four-stroke SuperJet to accompany my Turbo Aquatrax, I'm gonna have a veritable powersports orgasm! :D:):) ...SC

For me it was wait for the honda, or get the cheaper yamaha right then...... and at the price the yamaha was, it seemed like the way to go.

And what was it about the Yamaha that made your decision? Thanks.

I had a CRF250X when I bought my WR450 ('05) and I thought about the 450X because I liked the 250X so much but price and the ease of working on the carb did it for me. The X was a major pain to do any carb work (but the frame sure made it easy to get to the cam).

I like the Honda and Yamaha so I guess it comes down to preference. I haven't ridden the 450X but many people I've seen riding them like them a lot. Then you have KTM and the others to throw in also so it's not an easy decision.

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