Tight Valves

I have read that a lot of folks are finding tight valves after a few hudred miles on their WRs. What are the symptoms of tight valves? I just turned over 900 miles on my '00 WR. Should I be worried?


I just adjusted my valves at about 1000mi.

The exhaust were fine the intake were a little tight. replaced 179 and 178 shims with 175 shims. So they were just slightly out of spec.

I don't think you want to wait for any physical evidence of tight valves, as the only symtom I can think of is burnt valves and a loss of power.

I am somewhat mechanically inclined. I can adjust valves and have in the past. However, I have yet to take apart the top end of my WR. Is this a job I should tackle or should I take it to the shop?

Thanks for the info-

My dealer said it will be about 120 bucks to have it done. I am going to take it to them when ready. The shop I am at is pretty good and would rather the liability be on them. On the other hand some shops can't tie shoes. if you have a shop you trust, I would let them do it. If not, good luck and take your time.

Thanks a lot guys! After looking at my manual and hearing the responses (also past forums) I am going to tackle it myself. Is the valve cover gasket reusable or will i need to grab a new one?

Im hoping that the shims are in stock locally. I will be doing the YZ timing while im in there too. Thanks for the info-


I just finished adjusting my valves. It is acually pretty simple and easy to do. I used plastic zip ties to hold the cam chain on the cam sprockets so that everything would stay together.

I found the my deal did not stock the shimms I needed but I bought them through the shop rather than order them.


y2k wr, airbox lid and baffle removed, 180 main, 45 pilot, 426yz er needle,

wr timing

the valve cover gasket is a o-ring rubber type that can be used over and over as long as it is still flexible and retains it's o shape.


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