DEcomp Spring Help

OK so I did my valve adjustment and everything is going really well until I notice that the little spring the resets the decomp (manual decomp 99 wr 400) is not on right and it kinda just sitting there idle and not doing anything for me. The bike starts and runs great but I sure would feel alot better with it the way it should be on. Any help even a close up pics from a couple of angle will get it done from me. Thanks in advance and good luck I hope everyone gets in a good ride tomorrow. :)

21 views and no help? What's up guys? Give me a hand if you can. THanks

I took mine off when I installed the 03 450 ex cam because it has auto decompress. I looked for a picture to scan and send you but the $60 yamaha book doesn't show CRAP in that area. Sorry :)

thanks for trying <M> :)

Well, I went to the garage and took some pics, unfortunately it is not easy to get a decent picture of the spring and none of them turned out very well. Just take a good look at the spring and where it goes, it should not be hard to figure out how it should be on there.

just look for the wear marks on the head and on the arm where the spring has been running.

It's easier if you unhook the cable and pull out the decompresion shaft. The spring's hook goes on the shaft's small notch on the rear extension, and not on the stopper... Grease up the seal and insert shaft with the other end of spring on the head's flat surface, then twist shaft clockwise and slide it in. :)

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