What Is The Beast Exhaust For Wr450

I Just Bought A 04 Wr450 And I Need To Know What The Badest Exhaust Is? I Have A 2002 Wr426 With Procircuit T4 Pipes And I Love The Sound And The Performance. I Do Alot Of Trail Riding To Sand Dunes So I Guess You Could Say I Am An All Around Rider. Please Help Me Out These Are The Pipes I Am Trying To Decide From.

1. Gyt-r Full System.

2. Dr.d Full System.

3. Yosh Comp Series Full System.

4. Procircuit T4 Full System. :)


I cannot say much on the list you made, but, I have the white bros. e-series on both our bikes. I can run 12 disks, no silent core, when sound is not an issue and I need max. performance, or I can run 12 disks with silent core, or if sound is an issue, you can go down to six disks with the silent core.

It is a very flexible setup for today's environment. I jetted the bikes for 12 disks and the silent core insert. It is probably just over the db limit, but, I never get hassled and the bikes sound nice, not too quiet.

I also found that the rangers seem to like the white bros disk setup. They can easily see the spark arrestor (plate blocking the end of the pipe) and do not even have to stick their poker in. A few times, rangers look at our pipes and wave us buy, while they stop other guys and stick their pokers in their exhaust. :)

Oh, now I see you are in Utah, you probably do not need to worry about all the stuff us Californians worry about. :)

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