Is the odo, for a kilometer reading , is this the only part to change for one that reads in miles, or are the gears in the drive on the front wheel need to be changed out also.

Probly just the Odo head....I doubt they'd make different gears.

Thanks, Rich, I was thinking the same thing just had to have a second opion.

the wheel drive i gear ratio is the same for all 21" wheels. I'm pretty sure that most Japanese bikes speedo cables spin at the same speed. so a bike with a 17" front wheel {and a stone aged cbl speedo} will have a different ratio in the drive then you WR has but the cable will spin at the same rpm.

this is what you can interchange speedos from bikes with different wheel sizes and they read the right speed.

The gearing is the same for kilos and miles. I have both odo heads, and they are interchangable.


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