426 Oil

I am new to four stroke race bikes (always had trail bikes) and I am wondering how often I need to change the oil on my 2002 yz426? Also do you need to change the filter everytime? Ive herd you do but the original owner told me it has a K/N filter and they are good for about 10 oil changes? :)

Well, I change mine every three ride days, or less, which works out to be about 9-10 hours of actual run time. If I race it, I change the oil before and after each race day.

I use a Scotts stainless steel oil filter and clean it with every oil change. They're the best you can get.

The absolute least you should change or clean an oil filter is every other oil change, IMO, and frankly, the statement the previous owner made about your bike not getting a filter until the tenth oil change would have made me buy a different one. That's simply abusive, and I can't even guess where he came up with it. YZF's share their oil with the transmission and clutch. Those two components shed an enormous volume of metal into the oil compared to an engine. They will also tolerate quite a bit of crud in the oil, the engine won't.

Ok, its a good thing he said hes only changed it once with the current filter and that he used to replace them every time

Like the man said, change it change it often, treat it like an insurance, oil does a very good job do not abuse it because it will get its own back and you are the one with a wallet

Yeah I agree chang it often I change my oil every two rides and my filter every 3 oil changes :)

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