whats the trick?

i rode my 426 3 times now any had someone there who know how to hot start the dam thing for 2 of the rides. today i was riding it and stalled it takes for ever to get it started, whats the trick

One third of the trick is once you get it running, make sure the idle mixture is as close to right as it can get. They're very sensitive about this, and it affects how well they start.

The second part is knowing how to use the compression release to preposition the engine before you kick it. (Bring it up against compression, or the "hard spot", pull the comp release and move the kick starter down just an inch or so, let go of the release, reset the kick crank for a full stroke and give it a long smooth full kick through). That applies at any temperature.

The third part is to follow the rules about the throttle. You can't open the throttle as you kick it. Doing so causes the accel pump to squirt a shot of fuel into the engine that it doesn't want when it's hot. If you can't keep yourself from doing this, and you may not even know that you are, put your right hand on the brake reservoir to keep it away from the throttle. Pull the Hot Start button out (the Red one on the side of the carb) and kick it. It should start in 3. Some bikes will have a preference for the hot start and some won't want it, but most do.

Sometimes if it's been dumped or stalled, it will be partly flooded with excess liquid gas. In those cases, it helps to hold the compression release, open the throttle about half to get some air, and turn it through several times to clear out the fuel. Then go back to a normal routine.

thanks i'll try that next time

insert '03-04 exhaust cam and use hot start as needed. (buy the TT Decomp plug too :) )

insert '03-04 exhaust cam ...
That eliminates the second third of the trick. Probably the best mod you can make to a 426.

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