replacing swingarm bearings

what is the best way to get them out? "BIG HAMMER"???

and, what type of grease do you use? the book said to use molybdenum disulfide grease, asked the parts guy if they had it, he said he has never heard of it. he said to use any bearing grease.

this can't be right, can it?

Big hammer works fine, just make sure you support the area you are hitting, to prevent bending the swingarm. I use a socket to drive the bearings in & out. Make sure you de-bur the bore before you re-install the new bearings.

Any grease is fine, just don't mix 2 types of grease.

I use Castrol Marine grease, for it's corrosion resistance.

thank's hamish, marine grease should work great.

local shop wanted $100 to press in the bearings, going to do it myself, save some money, and put ANOTHER tire on my beast.

2100 miles, and not one problem, what a bike!!! :)

Better to find a press you can do it yourself. The big hammer method is very difficult! :)

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