i have recently bottomed my suspension by overjumping a triple and broke both of my ankles and was wondering if there are any aftermarket parts to prevent this from happening or at least helpthis problem?

Get the suspension revalved, about the only option.

Springs would help more than revalving depending on your weight.


that just happened to me just started walking again i did my right ankle... my suspension is done for my weight and yet still i broke them sometimes your feet are just on the pegs wrong when you bottom out nothing you can do really!

ok, so you overshoot a triple and you are going to try to blame the suspension? a re-valve or springs wouldn't have helped that fall my friend....sorry to say. to set it up to handle a hit like that would be so incredibly stiff you wouldn't be able to handle the bike on the track.

Same with me, i cased a double at a MX track and broke my right leg both bones all the way through. Tuesday i get a short cast but i had a long one for a while they suck ass. mattyg1405 is right sometimes just land wrong and eat shit.

The weird thing with me was i didnt fall off my bike i just landed broke my leg and then rode off the track and put my kickstand (wich i installed the night before because i usually ride trails) down and laided down on the side of the track is that normal to case a jump break your leg but not fall?

I know breaking a leg is much worse, but this is a freak accident and I know this is definately not normal.....

I was out riding last fall with a friend. We were at a local track with a sweet rhythm section in it, with a good size double(50-60ft) after it. I come out of this section like 3rd gear, shift to 4th(stock 85) for the double. My bike shuts off on the face of the jump and, not only do I save it, but i downside the double almost perfectly by some miracle....the freaky thing is when i landed(almost perfectly on the downside) I dislocated my shoulder. Out of all the things that could have come of that scary situation, which i rode out of perfectly, the one thing that did happen was a dislocated shoulder!?!?!..i'm glad, though

drink more milk

get springs that can handle more? :)

get springs that can handle more? :)

you don't tune suspension do you?

springs only set the static stance of the bike. They are not made to keep the bike from bottoming, that's the job of the valving. If you setup a bike so it won't bottom on something huge like that, the bike would be non-ridable around the track because it would be too stiff.

The bike should bottom out at least 1 time when you ride around a track. Mine usually is in the whoops.

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