ProMoto Billet Spark Arrestor?

I have a '01 wr426 but I'm running a yz exhaust. I have been looking for a spark arrestor to install to make it leagel to ride on public land. The one that keeps showing up on searches is the ProMoto. Has anyone installed one and are you happy with it?

I don't have one yet either, but I'm going to get a Dr. D spark arrestor because he makes good products and it is cheaper than the promoto. Try it will save you some money and you will get a quality product. That's my plan if I keep my bike.

I have their endcap with the SA and quiet insert on my yz... I don't think about it being there and it does what its supposed to do so I guess I'm happy. :)

I think that I will go with the Dr. D! Seems to be the same idea and $20.00 cheaper. Thanks!

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