Two different rear wheel spoke lengths?

I am lacing up a new OEM rear hub, spoke set and rim for '05 WR450. I have 2 different lengths, at first I thought maybe one length was for inner spokes and the other for outer ones. Now I am not sure because they don't seem to tighten up right. Maybe the shorter ones are on the sprocket side and the longer ones on disc side??? :)

Thanks for any info., Jeff

I relaced my rear wheel a few months ago and remember that the longer spokes (they are only a few mm longer) are for both sides but you lace them through the hub where the casting is a little thicker. So a long and a shot spoke will cross each other on the same side. Hope that helps.

Thanks fuzzbee,

It seems where they cross on one side the inner spoke needs to have the longer spoke used. What threw me was the spokes do not have the same amount of threads exposed like the front did. In fact the ones with little thread exposed is close to bottoming out.

But it makes sense that it is this way, otherwise the hub would be offset to one side from the rim.

Thanks for the info, Jeff

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