yz450 pipe

undefinedhave brand new 2004 yz450 would like to make it as legal as I can for riding in hollistor calif. come october.Would like to know if I need a new muffler for the sound req. and spark arrestor or is there an attachment I can put on the stock pipe that would make it legal.Would like to do it the cheapest way possible.undefined

pro moto billet makes a silent insert with a spark arrester for it probably around $100.00

pro moto billet makes a silent insert with a spark arrester for it probably around $100.00



I also went that route. I got the PMB endcap and the silent insert 2 weeks after I got the bike to quiet it down a little. man, that sucker is loud when its stock isn't it?

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. It is still loud, but it's quieter than it was and it was a whole lot cheaper than an entire exhaust setup.

I put a stock YZ exhaust on my WR, then added the PMB spark arrestor and quiet insert. After thinking everything was good to go I went to get tested at Hollister. Well I failed at about 99db's :) . The YZ exhaust was almost brand new, the guy I bought it from used it once before going aftermarket. At least I brought my stock pipe w/baffle and got tested with it and got my sticker. Just be careful and do some research before you spend $120 bucks on something that might not pass. I am happy with mine, the performance is great compared to stock but it sucks that it is still a little loud. Oh well, live and learn I guess :)

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