TM Designworks Chain Slider Installed

I just installed the TM DesignWorks chain slider on both of our bikes. It is easy to install. All you have to do is loosen the rear axle, move out the axle spacers, push the tire up, take the chain off the rear sprocket, remove the chain case saver and counter sprocket cover, remove the chain roller underneath the bottom of the chain. Then you can remove the stock rubber slider and install the TM slider. The TM slider is stiffer, so, you have to work with it to wedge through the front countersprocket, but, you can do it. I used a screw driver to wedge it through. I did not feel like taking off the countersprocket.

Note: the stock slider uses 4 screws and the TM slider uses only 2 screws. It is so stiff, the two middle screws are not needed. The slider seems to be made out of some very slippery nylon/plastic material. The bottom of the slider has a rubber pad stuck on it to reduce noise transfer from chain slapping. The slider comes with new screws and the washers are preinstalled on the slider. You do not use the stock washers. Once installed, the slider is very, very snug, no way for it to move on the swingarm and eat the aluminum.

PS. Right now, if you are willing to get white (blue writing) you can get the TM slider for about the same price as the stock OEM slider. TM is blowing out the white ones because they are not going to carry white anymore. I would have prefered the Yamaha Blue, but, I could not resist the price of the white one and I was buying two of them.

Tomorrow, we ride, so, I will let you guys know if I notice an increase in sound. :)

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