Quiet Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm entering my first race in a couple of weeks, Cherry Creek Desert Scramble in Young AZ. Ok my 99wr400 has a white bros e series with all the plates installed. It's loud, the way I like it. Sorry to all you quiet folks but remember here in AZ there is so much good riding with no one around for miles and miles. Well for this race I need to to tone her down alittle to meet their 96 db requirement. My question is how many plates should I have in there do ya think and will my jetting be effected greatly enough by removing them that I will need to rejet. I guess my other question is what are the three most important thing to remeber being that this is my first every desert race. I plan on entering the 30+ Class C group. Don't even plan on being competetive but just want to get out and see what it's all about. Thanks in advance for the help. :)

I have a 02 426F and I run the e-series with 12 disks and the quiet insert. With that setup, I think it is still over the limit. I have "heard" that the e-series can pass the test with 4 to 6 disks and the silent core insert, but, I cannot say for sure, because I have never been tested. As long as you have some lean adjustment left on your fuel screw, you should be able to adjust your mixture for that setup. You will probably need to turn your screw in 3/4 to 1 full turn.

You will need the quiet core insert. It is a special plate that goes infront of all the other plates. It has a tube welded on the plate that goes into the muffler. I think they cost around $30.

Good luck in your race!! :)

I'm a member of the Trail Riders of S. AZ. , We're the promoting club....you definitely want to be under 96dB, we WILL be sound testing. You also need a spark arrestor.

You should have a lot of fun, it's a great course...the C-sections are fun and not as technical as the A/B routes. The pits are ~5200', we'll be going up to ~6000'....jet accordingly. The best part? It's almost ALL single-track....we've been cutting trail for the last couple months! Talk about fun.....

There is a company in Phoenix called Quiet Products. They make a part for your pipethat fits over the pipe like a cover. www.quietiscool.com Prices are reasonable, too.

as a veteran of three whole races and 1 enduro, don't be fooled into thinking that the over 30 race will be a little easier. i thought racing against 'old buggers like me' would be easier... wrong, they just don't fall off as much and they are animals as far as skill goes. I saw t shirt recently that said

older wiser faster

and it's not wrong.

you are right in not thinking podiums, just finish, and make sure you finish ( mechanical problems aside). I'd like to say, ride as fast as you feel comfortable, but the sound of a bike trying to pass you is incentive to step slightly out of that comfort zone and i think that is what gives the buzz.

my plan is to keep finishing, then work on finishing quicker, but i know there are heaps of others out there who are less concerned with their own personal well being than me and will finish before me.

I have to be able to front up on monday for work and stuff, but fronting up after a weekend race, sore muscles, twisted ankles etc is better than having mates visit you in hospital on monday night.

good luck and have fun. It'll make you wonder why more people don't do it.

Desert racing is a blast. You will definitely find out what kind of shape you are really in. 75 - 100 miles without stopping, except maybe once for gas, will take a lot out of you. Make sure you drink plenty of water. When I raced, I put a bottle of Gatorade along with water to help replenish what I lost. Also, try to get a good start, settle in a good comfortable pace and save a little for the last 25 miles. Don't worry about the people passing you, let them go and race your own race. Most important, have fun :)

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