Anyone got a filter cage?

Just picked up a yz426 and it has the k & n air filter in it. I think its too many different areas to seal on it. Anyone got a stocker they would like to part with? :)

I don't have a cage, but I'd ditch the K&N as fast as I could. They just don't filter well enough, and in the case of the earlier versions for the YZ's, they don't flow enough air, either. :):)

just buy a stock one for a yz 250 smoker or 125 there all the same.

New to the thumpers. I traded a 98 yz125 and a 01 yz250 for the 426. And what do you know. I gave him all my filters and extra cages for the two smokes :D:D:D and they are interchangeable.

So there is no backfire screen or anything different from a say 01 yz250? The cage is the only thing I would need for the four stroke and nothing else correct? :):)

ya no backfire screen in the smokers and any of the ones you mentioned should fit

I think you may have misunderstood me. I have a 426 now and got rid of all the extra filters and cages I had. It has a k&n on it and I want a regular filter. Do the 426 cages have a backfire screen?

Has anyone used the ready filters? Like em? I used them in the smokes and they worked fine for me IMO.


ya i understood you. chuck the k&n-buy a new cage from a smoker because if you get the one for your bike it has a backfire screen that you dont want.ive bought the ready filters and they are ok but i would just buy a twinairand go with that.

I proudly run a K&N air filter. I ride in dusty cond w/the finest dust around. When putting the K&N filter in I recomend you remove the pieces of the airbox and put enough greese around the rim while the air box is apart you can attach the filter to the part it connects to. I put some greese on the boot to see if the K&N air filter did its job and it did. When I put the K&N filter on w/out removeing the airbox dirt did pass through. If it is put on proper it will not let dirt pass through. :)

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