The new guy

Hello to everyone, this looks like a nice site to hang out at during the summer time (I`ll go back to the snow site come winter). Well after a long hiatus from dirt riding I`m back. Over the last 2 weeks I picked up a 02 ttr125 for my son and for myself I got a 03 wr450. So far my son loves the 125 and I love the 450 but I have some issues with the wr. I got the wr off ebay from a dealer so there is not much info about the history of it. I have ridden the bike 1 time.

These are my questions on the WR now that I have the tank and seat off........ LOL

1 Bike has cut grey wire/ what does this do?

2 Bike had stock exhuast with bent header and insert removed / I replaced with FMF powercore4SA and SS pb header. Seems to run lean?

3 with new exhaust system/ at idle for 1 minute the header pipe glows red!!!

4 I didn`t get a manual so I would like to know how much oil does this thing hold?

5 first ride impressions are.... this is way more bike than a 86 TT350!!!!! :)

6 Any help about the carb on this thing would be great!!!! seems to have alot of hoses, cables, wires, knobs on it :)


Hi from one new guy to another... I also have an 03 450 :)

Grey wire cut is a free mod, do not worry. Jetting is tricky, someone much smarter than me will no doubt be along shortly to help you :D:D

They hold 1.1 litres of oil if you're just doing an oil - only change, 1.2 with a filter swap.

To check oil level, warm engine up, leave to idle for a short time, switch off and check on the stick up on the left of the headstock. Do not screw the stick in, just rest on the neck and check.

The '03 has a suspect starter mechanism, fitting '04 components cures this although I haven't done this yet. I just make sure I only use it in very short bursts, don't hang on the button for seconds on end. Mine has a good 6000 miles on it and all is well. :D

Enjoy :)

Check out the jetting post at the top of this form. Indy has listed jetting for the 450 at several altitudes. Mechanics 101, while a lean mixture is a powerful mixture it is also a HOT mixture so IMO you need to rejet. There is a fine line between the perfect mixture and too lean :)

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