big tank?

anyone using a clarke mfg tank for the brp? i need a bigger tank and the IMS is backordered. any mounting issues? feedback? just chekin. I ride two Mi. high.

I recently sold my Acerbis 5 gal on ebay..

keep an eye on ebay.. theres alot of things there.

I just put a Clarke on my XR650L, and after todays first offroading LOVE IT !!!!

Just bolt it on and go!!

Clarke 4.3

I also run the clark, and love it. :)

I have the Clarke 4.3 no mounting issues at all, great tank...Red matches also.. :)

I put on a IMS 4.6 and the fit was pretty good. Just a little trimming on one radiator side panel....I was planning on going w/ a clarke 4.3 but found a great deal on e-bay. I'm no longer the first one of the group outta gas! :)

I used the IMS 4.0 tank on my 650L. In hindsight wish I went with the Clarke 4.5.

...or you can go big and put the IMS 7 gallon AND the Aceribs 3.6 under the seat tank..just dont try any triples....

I'm running a Clarke 5 gallon.

The only problem I've had is having to be the gas station for my lesser equiped friends.

i've had the 4.6 and the 3.2 and the only guys that i know with problems is if you run a cr shock you need to move the tank forward or the shock will rub on the back of the tank. its a great product


I have the Clarke 4.3 on my BRP and it is great. It bolted right up without a problem. The one thing I had to do was loosen and rotate one radiator hose clamp, because the bolt was touching the tank. I have delt with IMS tanks on two different bikes, and each had their share of issues. Clarke gets my vote.

I have an IMS 4.6 an have had no issue. a few of my friends that also ride XR650R's have also have not had any problems with their tanks. I just recently had to talk with IMS about a foot peg problem (high speed get off) and they gave me great customer service. No complaints about IMS from my side

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