I am considering buying a slipper clutch and came across the Italian made STM, which claims its slipper clutch is being used by Chad Reed, David Vuilelmin, Michel Pichon, Bartolini, Chiodi, and Stefan Merriman, so quite a reputation. I wondered if anyone could help me make decision. What I noticed is that the STM has no external regulation, one has to buy a different coil for different adjustments. But STM seems very keen on the Yamaha 450, any suggestion? Who?

The Rekluse is an auto-clutch; whereas the STM is a slipper clutch (although, apparently you can also adjust the Rekluse to act as a slipper??) may already know this, but just wanted to make sure you know there's a difference:thumbsup:

here's a thread

btw, if I was going to buy an auto - I'd go w/ Rekluse :)

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