STM or Rekluse Slipper Clutch?

I am considering buying a slipper clutch and came across the Italian made STM, which claims its slipper clutch is being used by Chad Reed, David Vuillemin, Michel Pichon, Bartolini, Chiodi, and Stefan Merriman, so quite a reputation. I wondered if anyone could help me make decision. What I noticed is that the STM has no external regulation, one has to buy a different coil for different adjustments. But STM seems very keen on the Yamaha 450, any suggestion? Who?

The STM is nothing like the Rekluse. The Rekluse eliminates the clutch like an automatic car. The STM works just like a regular clutch but allows you to down shift without locking the rear wheel so you won't get that rear wheel hop when coming into the corners. I think you can get different springs to allow more or less slip. I just installed a slipper clutch and will be trying it out tomorrow. I'll be using it for supermoto though. I'm sure it would work for MX also, the pros use it so it must do something good in the dirt. If your desert or trail riding I would'nt waist the money on the STM slipper clutch and would get the Rekluse auto clutch for that purpose. Hope that helps you.

Here is a write up from FMF STM CEB. It says the same thing about who is using it. Basically looks like it gives your bike more of a 2 stroke feel. I'd like to try one 'cause I like the 2 stroke feel when jumping, cornering or through whoops, but not for a thousand bux!!!

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