YZ Cam in an '05

I've seen the results in everything but an '05, so I was wondering if anybody out there fits this criteria. I've got a brand new YZ cam sitting in the box and am debating whether or not the swap is a waste of my time. Since the '05 was toned down just a bit over the '03 and '04, I'm curious as to what to expect. My buddy has an '03 which hits harder than mine which I'm sure has to do with the slight refinement of the head. As to how this will respond to the new cam, I don't know, but I'd sure like some input. Many thanks oh wizened masters of power :) ...SC

You have gone that far opinions dont matter now except yours. Pop it in and try it. It only takes 1 - 2 hours to put it in. Then you will know if it suits your desert riding conditions and your preferences. In tight woods it is a handful. In open washes and fire roads you may enjoy it. :)

Well, after much reflection, I've decided NOT to install the YZ cam. I've decided to sell it and put it towards a Rekluse instead. If anybody wants it, it's in the classifieds now for $95 shipped. Help a brother out and get me closer to my new Z-Start :) ...SC

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