Clutch gone?

I have a 94' XR650L. I have noticed on more than one occasion that the bike feels sluggish, almost like it is not making power even though the engine is increasing in RPM's. My area of mechanical knowledge in in cars and trucks. Since these do not have wet clutches I have no 1st hand knowledge of them. Will they have intermitant slippage. It has no set time, place, or riding style when it does it. Opinions are needed before the Oct. Shenendoah 500 dual sport ride.



If the motor spins up like normal but you aren't acclerating, then your clutch is worn out. You'll notice the problem gets worse the better the traction is. IE: the clutch will slip more on pavement than in loose dirt.

That was the thought process on this end. The only question was why dosen't it do it all the time like a car clutch? It has not done it for two weeks now, but did it every third day two weeks prior and only once between. Thats is what prompted the question.


Did you recently change oil? And maybe the clutch cable stretched a bit making a better adjustment in your case. You may have had it too tight. :)

No I haven't changed the oil in months. In fact it is due for a change. I did check the cable adjustment one it is in tolerance. I guess the next step it to pull it down and look.


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