What's She Worth????

I have an 05 XR650L. Here's the Goodies:

-Baja Designs Aluminum Skid Plate

-Acerbis Taillight

-ProTaper SE Bars (CR Hi Bend)

-Clarke 4.0 Tank

-Acerbis Disc Guard

-IMS SMOG Block-Off Kit

-Honda Common Service Manual

-XR650L Service Manual

I have 900 miles on it. I bought it from the dealer last November. I'm just not riding as much as I had hoped when I bought it. What do you think my bike is worth should I try and get rid of it?

I would check Ebay. The newer low mile bikes go for around $4000+. I would take off every aftermarket accessory and sell them seperatly on Ebay. The aftermarket parts sell for about 80% of new, or more sometimes. If you leave the parts on the bike you won't get your money out of them, because most people bidding on those bikes don't know the difference, and will buy a cheaper bike with no aftermarket parts on it instead of yours.

You could probably sell all of those parts in about 24 hours.

I am interested in your tank. If it is red, PM me and I will buy it from you today! :) Let me know about your disk gaurd :)

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