How to clean the inside of the Muffler??

Any ideas how I can scrape out all the crap from the inside of the exhaust pipework and the muffler??? I've tried most of the degreasers available and nothing wants to shift the burnt on oil....its like tar in there. If I don't get it clean I'm not going to know if the engine's burning oil after its rebuild, or at least not 'til its burnt off all the crap inside and that could take weeks! :)

Try a oven cleaner.... :)

Good idea..i'll let u know...thanks. :)

pressure washer and some simple green

Send it to a machine shop and have it vat cleaned in hot caustic soda. It will remove all carbon and oil. Should not cost more than a few bucks.


we used to clean out 2-stroke pipes by putting the gas welding torch in it ... that turned everything to hard carbon, and tapping the pipe would dislodge most of the deposits ... not too hard, you don't want the pipe dinged up

we used to clean out 2-stroke pipes by putting the gas welding torch in it ...

I still do it that way.

Assuming you have a stock muffler:

The owners manual for my XR650L says to take the two access plates off of the bottom of the muffler. Rev the engine up to about 2500rpm and "tap" on the exhaust pipe with a mallet. If there is any carbon in there, it should break loose and come out.

You can also pull off spark arrester and clean that out too. On the 650L, you have to dremel away the tack-welds. You can then clean the spark arrestor screen.

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