Triple Clamp... which one is best ??

I`m presently in the works for buying the complete Scotts dampner kit with the pro taper but I`m not sure if the Scotts triple clamp is the best I can buy..... do any of you know for a fact that another clamp is way better than the Scotts ? I spoke to the Scotts rep and he told me that you can`t adjust the bar position, however it`s 12mm more forward than stock. Does 12mm make a big difference, it`s only half an inch ? There is also Erider that advertizes their triple clamp (stock or only 5 mm forward which is less than 1/4 inch) but they also have the hand guard brackets included on the there is my dilemma. If any of you know of any other clamps let me know.



98` WR400F

Cycra, SRC & GYT-R have hand guard brackets that will work with the Scott’s clamp, I am addicted to these mounts and would only buy a compatible top clamp now. I think Applied and Tag clamps have front-facing pinch bolts which will not work, but I’ve only seen pictures, perhaps the pinch bolt placement is different across models.

IMO 12mm is very noticeable.

A more adjustable clamp would be great, but to mount the damper you must pick a bar position and stick with it, unless you want to buy multiple bar clamps.

I pined for the Tag setup for a long time, they look great, come with a stem, and are much cheaper than Applied and Emig clamps. IMO, other than the optional bar locations, my Scott’s clamp is in no way inferior to any other, and works with the handguard mounts to boot.

thanks Hick

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