Got a thread up looking for some help

Here is the thread.

When I bought the DR back in March I had 3 choices that I was trying to descide on. DR4S, XR650R with a Street conversion or the SV650 naked. I choise the DR for price weight and the fact that everybody loves them. As do I but it is lacking. In the above thread, someone said I should look into and XRR in motard trim and that made me laugh. It was probably what I would have gotten from the get go had money not been an issue. The XRR was my first choise but 8K out the door for a street legal bike was too much for me. I got the DR for around 5k out the door with a HUGE warranty.

As in the above thread, I have had an XRL before and it wasn't my first choice again.

Some questions:

How many horses for a stock XRR? Top speed assuming the gearing will get you to top power at the same time as top speed? About how much whould it cost to motard an XR?

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