Is Certificate of Origin enough to title Bike?

Hello, I'm in TN and bought my bike from fellow in MS. Our states don't require titles on offroad bikes so he either didn't get one or lost it but for what ever reason I didn't get one. I have been able to get a replacement Certificate of Origin (from Honda) was wondering if it was enough for ya'll. If I remember correctly in Talking to TN DOT on phone a while back they said I needed it but its been a year since I tried to do this and just got a second wind to try again!



I dont know how things are nowadays, but long ago in Illinois, my Suzuki dirtbikes just had Certificate of Origins ... Titles weren't issued to offroad bikes, C of O was all ya got, ... dont know if this told you anything helpful .. :)

A certificate of origin is probably the same as a Manufactures statement of origin(mso). It is what I used to license my Xr 600R in South Carolina. For the people making customs that is what they have to take to the Dmv to get a title.

That's what I used in Florida to get title and reg.

I guess I'm calling the MSO the certificate of orgin my mistake. What was the process in SC Thouk? I haven't bought any parts yet to make the bike legal b/c I haven't been reassured that it will get through so I'm trying to save the money on it! I haven't heard from anyone in TN that has done it. So as of now all I have done is called and asked people what is required and I get different stories each time and most of the time it was someone transfering me to someone else so I'm not even sure how to get in touch with them again to go through it. On a previous attempt (the one where I learned I needed the MSO) the DMV didn't know what forms to give me and I filled out and sent in the wrong ones.

The last time I did this (in Va) the DMV lady told me that only the person named on the MSO could covert it to a title despite my bill of sale showing it had been sold to me. So I had to pester and pay the original owner take it down and get a title only (no registration or tags) which he then signed over to me. I took that signed title back and put it in my name and registered / tagged it at the same time. :)

I had a friend go to DMV w/ a wr250f, the original MSO (with the original owners name) and a bill of sale made out to him. The DMV lady let him get the title.. he came back later and tagged/registered. So what I'm saying is.. in Va anyway.. it somewhat matters who shows up at teller window since many seem unsure of their own rules w/ respect to dirtbike titles. At the very least take the MSO and an official looking bill of sale. And if it doesn't work the first time try a different DMV. :)

Also, since jap dirt bike MSO's always come with that damned little disclaimer "for offroad use only" the best thing is to walk in the first day and just get the title and don't try for the tags. Hopefully the title won't get the disclaimer. Then when you go back to register it there's no reason for them not to let you get tags.



Sounds like a Plan! I'll Give it a try with the MSO alone! Then if I get a title I'll spend the dough for the parts to make it legal! Looking at the AMA website about State laws for Street bike requirements. They don't require turn signals so I Was thinking Brake light switch, and Mirrors as a minimum. (ugh I just remembered DOT tires...that may get pricy esp since I just put a new dirt tire on!) Oh well I'll worry about all of that after I get a Title in Hand! Thanks for the Help Ya'll


I can help you out on tires. I put a set of Sahara 3's on my XR600 for inspection. Only have about 34 miles on them. Paid over $200, but I can let them go for $150. I am waiting on my title right now so I can go get my tag. I sweated the inspection for a long time. I started this 4 years ago before getting married (lol). Should have done it long ago as all the officer did was verify my VIN and sign the paperwork. Hopefully you will get that lucky.

In Massachusetts, I just used the Certificate of Origion at the registry of motor vehicles. I put a dealer sticker over the "off road use only" text. It didn't seem like they had any way of knowing it wasn't a regular street bike. Then it was up to me to make the bike pass inspection for a sticker. This has worked in the past for me with other bikes. I have no idea how it would differ in Tenn.

I put a dealer sticker over the "off road use only" text.

Brilliant ! LMAO.

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