quickly silenced bike?

When titleing a bike in TN we don't have to take things to get inspected they just send a officer to your house or business and he signs a form saying it is road-worthy!

I assume he will also like to hear it run. I have a Race Big-Gun now and would like to make it softer (until I can do it right) Just to pass. Where I'd ride I'm not worried about sound b/c I can keep it low to get there. So I'd like to quite it down enough to make it pass until I can do it right!

Here is my idea: if I put a screen mid-way in the pipe and packed some Steel Wool in then put baffle on could that cause any harm other than making it run like crap? You think it'd be silenced enough? I certainly don't want it to suck anything back the wrong way which is why I was going to afix a screen about a 3-4 inches from the baffle to keep junk from going the wrong way!

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated! Thanks


I would look for a baffle type, steel wool will blow sparks and may be too restrictive and time consuming, check this link for some ideas, I'm going to rig a baffle I can take in and out quick on mine, similar to a stock muffler baffle.


In SC, the officer didn't even verify that my bike would crank and run or the lights actually worked or anything. If you check the AMA site, I think you will find that there is no sound level limit in TN to worry about.

It's entirely possible that in TN, like TX, you won't have to worry about noise restrictions, or tire type. Here in Tx all they check on your tires is proper tread depth, and that's it.

what kind of bike are you trying to get tags for

why not put the stock back on till its inspected

At races, I've seen guys remove the spark arrestor and stuff glass wool in the muffler to pass tech. Not pretty, but it works, you risk plugging up the muffler, but it's a last resort (or no race).

QuietProducts sells a bunch of neat stuff to quiet things down. I talked to the guy there and they sell turn downs mostly, but do custom cores, even generator super quiet mufflers. www.quietiscool.com

I did the same in Illinois, and had to start it to verify that the lights worked. I made some comment to the cop about it being a lot quieter than all the Harleys in town and he agreed. Wasn't even an issue, and I have mine uncorked. I wouldn't worry about it, just don't rev it up while he's there.


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