Rallye style fairing for my Pig

I need a rallye style fairing for my Pig. Something similar to a KTM 660

Rallye bikes fairing would work. Any information on where to find these

parts will help. Or if any of you are a capable GRP mould maker, I will need

four fairings and I'm guessing more folks could use one on there duel sported


Twist it !!! MAXVERT

Acerbis makes a few styles I believe... Most with the lights.

There are several outfits in europe who make them for the BRP. They cost about $5000 and up...

I tried buying a universal 'dakar style' fairing from an outfit in the UK...it was crap.

Then i decided to DIY...

After many months of trial and error i found an easy way to make one...

Take a Baja Designs Tecate Light, and a BMW F650GS'Dakar' windscreen (size large) and then drill some holes to bolt the fairing to the BD plastic.

I also had a custom made brace to hold lots more stuff done up...

Heres what it looks like. I would make you one for a fee...but its not going to be $89....


It works great...no issues off road, and on the freeway its a big help.

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