Anyone got a 426 head?

OK, here's my horror story.... I bought a '00 yz426 from my brother, who was the second owner of this bike. He didn't ride it very much, and did not have a clue about maintaining it. It runs well, but knowing my bro, I had to tear into it and make sure the valves were in spec. I get in there and find that they all need shims, and start taking the cams out when I find that all of the cam cap bolts are WAY over torqued!!!! I knew I was in trouble..... and sure enough the cams and caps are scored, and the journals were shroomed so I couldn't get the buckets out. After hours of scraping aluminum with a screwdriver :) they finally came out. I shimmed them and put the buckets back in, then took a Dremel with a stone attachment and smoothed out all the damage that I did to get the buckets out.

I figured I'd just put it back together and run it, since it needs a complete head and cams anyway what's it gonna hurt :)

It runs, but I need to find a head for it and buy a set of Hotcams.

Anyone know where I could find a used one?



5JG-11102-20-00 (replaces 5JG-11102-00-00) 1 $489.41

This is the complete head,valves,springs,everything!

Look for yourself @

Can anyone confirm what this kit (or part number) contains?


The schematic makes it look like it's just the head, valve guides, and cam shaft caps. If it doesn't include the valves, valve springs, retainers, etc. does anyone know of a good price on a kit that does include head and valves?



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