Clutch Boss Spring on 2005 WR450?

I'm installing my Rekluse Z-start and it says to remove the clutch boss springs (if it has them) and it looks to me from schematics that the 2005 WR450 doesn't but I just wanted to be sure I'm not missing them. I searched and found someone asking but it didn't have a reply on that.

Can someone let me know? I just want to be sure I'm not overlooking it. Thanks.

I figured it out by looking at on online schematic of a 426 (which has the boss spring) and comparing to the '05 so the 450 doesn't have one. These online schematics come in handy.

Hey Morris,

I have an 04 and am still sitting on the wall with the Rekluse. I've read were some guy's are using up to 5-tungsten carbide balls. Did you go that option? Where did you find online manuals for your bike??



I'm using the 5 tungsten carbide balls in my 04 with no problem. Engagement seems to be better than with all stock ball bearings.

5 TC Balls is what NC Mountainman and I use as well. :)

I've seen most of the guys saying the 5 TC but I haven't got them yet. I wanted to see how it worked stock first. I found the schematics on several sites (not actually the manual, just the blowup of the parts). Yamaha of Troy, etc.

My cable was too short and the '05 has a cable line adjuster that gets in the way of the perch adjuster so I may just do without the clutch lever and sell the perch adjuster. Either that or I'll get the longer cable from Rekluse. It would be a bit easier to adjust I guess. That left hand brake sounds nice though.

I just took it for a spin around my house and liked it a lot. For just the small test, it engaged/disengaged fine with a little adjustment on the idle. On Wednesday my wife and kids are heading up for a dirt test with me so I can climb and do some power braking and higher speed shifting.

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