2004 RMZ250 Problems!!!!! Help

I'm planning on getting a 2004 rmz250 within the next 2 weeks and i'm worried about all the problems i'm hearing about them and was hopeing you guys could help me out and give me some info so here is my questions.

1.How bad are the tranny problems?

2.How often do the trannies go out?

3.How bad are the valve problems?

4.How often should I check the valves?

5.How often do they blow up?

6.How bad are the overheating problems?

7.Are there any more problems that I don't know about or anything else I should know about?

8.How often do you do valve checks, top end rebuilds, change oil/filter?

9. And last how is the power and handling?

my friend has an o4 rmz and i have an 05 rmz and ill tell you what i think from that.:)

1.no tranny problems and he races his every weekend

2.same as above (dont know)

3.the valves wore out for him after about a year of riding every weekend so thats pretty good.


5.never blown up just ride in the low to mid rpms and it'll be fine

6.the overheating isnt that bad if your going at a good pace. but me and my friend were riding in the trails and and i have a 2005 RMZ250 and mine overheated when i got stuck so it depends on riding style.

7.not any major ones but he had to change oil in suspension recently because it was so bad.

8.ive had my 05 for about 4 months and out of those 4 ive ridden it for about 2 months because i broke my ankle and out of those 2 months i havent checked valves at all but i do change oil everyother ride and change oil filter every 3 or 4 just clean mine with carb cleaner and go.

i rode his bike and it has a ok power but mine has alot more esspesially on top end.

the 04's r great but just get a aftermarket oil/antifreze cover so it a 2 piece

You're overconcerned IMO, don't get me wrong, you are asking the questions at the right time (before you buy the bike) but none of these are major probelms if you maintain the bike. I change my oil every 2-3 tanks of gas (10 hours of riding) and no problems yet. Shimmed the valves once after 50 hours. Still got the stock valve train and top end at 60+ hours and going strong. Just get the boyesen impeller and cover and you'll be fine.

What about the pro circuit cover is that any good?

I have had no probs with my 04 and i have had it for a year

The 04's are OK, just do the following:

1. Boyseen Water Pump Cover/Impeller

2. Too Cool in the oil (a must!!!!! for any bike)

3. Engine Ice in Radiator (Ditto!!!)

4. Learn to ride it proper (Ditto again!!!!)

All of the above can be related to any make or model.

5. The only other mod I did (and was not due to issues other than I crashed) is replaced the stock Rads with Fluidyne oversized Rads. :)

Every week I practice on Tue & Thur, (3 - 15 minutes sessions), race almost every weekend (2 - 30 minute motos + 2 laps). When not racing I am tearing up the trails.

No Problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont listen to the hype, most of the problems with this bike is operator error!!! :)

What about the pro circuit cover is that any good?

PS, Dont think the cover is bad, the big difference is the impeller, thats what helps the cooling!!!

horrible bikes, stay off them........... :)


awesome tips, glad I found these cuz I just got an '05 RMz250. Signed papers(well, parents signed papers) today, pick it up tommorrow.

Fri. nite is break in at track at my house, Sat all day practice, and Sunday race=awesome weekend.

Already ordered boyesen pump cover and impeller, universal bars, renthal chain and sprockets, numbers, gripper seat cover, and fmf factory 4.1 exhaust/p-bomb header...all supposed to come in tommorrow, so(needless to say) i am having a great week.

Happy racing :)

lol, did u need a mortgage for all that?

just thought i'd be prepared...and yes..lol

congrads rmzracer, you'll like the bike.it's very underrated.we have an 04 kxf and beat it every weekend this past year.my son(16) did the topend by himself using DIRT RIDER magazine's instruction.he took his time and it wasn't that hard.when he took the head to the shop to put in new valve guide seals they asked if the cams were new(nope) we change oil every 2 rides and filter every other oil change. been checking valves in 4 week intervals and no adjustments yet.he doesn't bounce it off the revlimiter and keeps it in the meat of powerband.

all the things you are buying are a waste of time and money except the water pump cover come to australia we will show you chap how to ride properley

all the things you are buying are a waste of time and money except the water pump cover come to australia we will show you chap how to ride properley

"just thought i'd be prepared..." meant for 125b MOD class not stock, so i figured i'd get started modding it before branson in october.

pfffft....show me how to ride properly, tell me what i am doing wrong in this picture?


RMZracer, the one thing you might really want to consider is getting the suspension done. These bikes have plenty of power but the suspension is horrible. I'm taking mine to RG3 on tuesday to get it revalved, i can't wait. The bike is just so harsh and almost unridable in braking bumps. Thats my only complaint. These bikes are awsome and as long as you maintain them and ride them correctly (don't over rev) they seem to last quite a while.

Yea i was thinking about that. I've had good work done by Factory Connection in the past, but that was on ktm's. I was thinking Pro Circuit, but i heard they took forever. I have heard good things about rg3. Do you have a website or a number I can call for RG3?

Are you switching from a ktm to the rmz? That is going to be very different in handling.

RMZ rider, what size bike are you on in that pic?? Looks small, 85?

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