Rev limiter on a 99?

Does my 99 400 have a rev limiter on it? Maybe that is what i´m calling a high end miss? If I run it up to full throttle it gets to a place where it goes BWAHHuuBWAHHuuBWAH. Yeah, just like in the midas comercials. So I´ve been thinking my carb is off, but maybe i´m hitting the rev limit? Wish I had a tach... whats the limit?

if i'm reading the way you wrote that noise right that would be the limiter, everybody goes on about cutting their grey wires etc etc, the grey wire is responsible for the unhealthy noise your bike makes at full song, the grey wire mod buys you and extra 1000rpm allowing you to hit the 12500rpm mark but the 11500rpm limit sounds really good to me especially when its my money that could go bang and spread oil and engine internals all over the trail mid ride

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