Best Mod for the money?

Best mod dollar for dollar in my opinion was the 13T front sprocket on my bike. I think it was like $12 or something and really livened up first gear and made the bike easier to ride.

Word up dawg.

sorry when you get your new 450...........lets see how long your stock chain last...........maybe 3 times around the yard. A good quality chain is a mod that will save you money a search on the stock chains that snap! As for tires yes if you run something other than stock that would be a mod. Like the 756 dunlop is a far better tire than stock, 100's of TT swap these out on a new bike. The starcross is what I read to be a prefered back tire mod over stock. Break pads............I run stock. Brake lines I run steel braided. Not as likely to get a fade with those.

Agreed that the stock stuff is junk. I rode KX500s for ten years and have trashed a new tire in one ride, new chain and sprocket set in 2 rides. I'll agree that tires can be considered a mod, the right tires can really change performance for the good. I still think of mods as more permanent changes in the performance of the bike though, suspension revalving/springing, flywheels, stabilizers, fit mods (bars, pegs and seats) etc.

The question of the best for the $ is a good one. I still think that my stabilizer made the most difference in how fast/long I could ride, especially as my 40th birthday came and went. 300$ is a lot, but it made enough difference in my riding that my 06 will have a stabilizer as soon as they are available, I'll bring them both home together if possible.

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