Damned if I do, or...?

All -

My first post here. Need some advice. Have searched here a bit, but haven't quite found an answer. Have an opportunity to buy:

03 XR650R

under 3,000 mi.

Honda factory carb/airbox kit, muffler uncorked

chain, sprockets "new" looking

very clean, no cosmetic/or mechanical damage

starts easily, runs "great"

pics look very nice

Guy wants $3200.

What do you think?

BTW, my intentions are to add a BD (street legal) kit to it, and likely a larger tank.


Stafford, VA

not a bad price but not a deal either. Any signs of wear, boot marks on the frame, polished side covers from rubbing, etc. If it's really that clean and you really want it, offer him 25 cash and leave with it for 3.

offer him 25 cash and leave with it for 3.

Sounds Good To Me.

Sounds like a deal :) , Better snag it before it's gone....

32 means he will take 3

never pay full price, I got my bike 1 grand less than guy wanted :)

Out here in AZ it's hard to find one in good shape that would be gone fast.

All ~

Thanks much for the help. Turns out this particular bike didn't have a title in the original state (or an MSO--just a bill of sale). Needed the title/MSO to retitle bike in VA. DMV was very clear on this.

So, instead, got a little ridden 00 w/ factory kit for what I think was a fair price: $2400. Picking her up Thursday.

You'll be hearing more from the Mule...

Now to find threads on adding a street kit... Any advice there?

Take care & ride safe,

~ Steve

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