Yet another reason I love my bike!

I leave my bikes on my trailer in the garage since the trailer is huge and doesn't leave any room for the bikes plus a car. I was out tinkering with it today and started it up while on the trailer, well I was blipping the throttle trying to get the fuel screw adjusted right and it bogged and died. Well, I didn't feel like climbing back on to kickstart it so I leaned over the seat and started it by hand! :) I didn't think I could I actually do it, but when she's warm it doesn't take much to start her up! If I tried it on a 2-stroke I would probably break my arm!! I think I'll keep my 03 for another year, still in excellent shape for a 3 year old dirtbike!

Sounds like an ideal way to break a wrist....Carefull!

Just imagine that one time it decides to back kick! ouch! That will ruin your summer, so like said above "Carefull!"

Yeah dont try that on a 2 stroke unless u wanna take a summer off from ridin lol

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