larger fuel tank

I am looking to increase my range on my 01' xr650r. I see there are a few different tanks available but would like to know if there is a favorite? one that is built better than the rest or fits better? I would like to go with something that is 4 gallons or a little more. Thanks in advance :)

Have IMS 4.6, great tank, no complants. :)

I have a Clark 4.3Gal fit is great and the price from Rocky Mountain is less then the IMS. My opinion is great.

Clarke 4.3.... :) The red tank matches great also...and fits great..

I have the IMS 4.6 tank. No complaints at all. Plus IMS has great customer service when talking with them directly. I also run their foot pegs. BRP also sell their products and I am real happy with BRP (Billet Racing Products) but the choice is yours as some like the Clarke tank.

Aqualine tank, no need for fuel pump.

How much is the Aqualine tank?

Is it just one size?

Any issues with it?

Does it come in clear?

Do they make tanks for other bikes?

23l Acerbis no fuel pump.....

I'm happy with my Clark...

If you do a search on this forum you'll find this is a weekly question with the same responses...

IMS 4.6 in natural, so I don't have to take the gas cap off to see how much fuel I have. Makes it much nice when flying along to just glance down and see how much longer you can ride before turning around or finding a place to fuel up.

Clarke's 4.7 on my 650L is the :) best - it seems to have better balance than the stock, fit was perfect and seems to have the range of the "Exxon Valdise" :) .

I bought the red but for fun I would do black :D next time.

If you have the CA model like I do, you will need to purchase the block-off kit as well when you install any after market tank. I got the Clarke 4.3 and it was cheaper than the IMS and fits good, but that of course, is after you remove all the emissions crap.

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