2004 YZF450 Question..

My brother is picking one up tommorow... anything to watch out for? Anything that needs fixing ? Already have a good set of Renthals to go on.

Is he getting it new or used?

New Left over 04, he has the bike now, we have already changed the gearing to 13/50. Much Much better 1st gear for trails & track. what other types of changes need to be made?

if he is gonna be riding trails i recommend a weighted flywheel, it helps a lot in the tighter stuff. also, 13/50 sounds fairly good for trails and off-road too, but try 13/48 after ya run the 13/50. i tried both and 13/48 just feels better to me, but gearing is always a personal feel thing.

a lot of peeps here say to junk the stock chain as soon as you get it home.....but i got a year outta mine :) so take that for what its worth.

Put a Clarke aftermarket tank on so you can go more than 20 feet from your truck. :)

Put a Clarke aftermarket tank on so you can go more than 20 feet from your truck. :)

ha ha, I read this and it made me laugh. :D I ride track 99%, the first and only time I took it offroad I was SO paranoid that I'd run out of fuel.

Anyway, made me laugh. :)

i can get 3 30" motos out of a full tank.

I also still have the original chain, but it does require frequent adjustment.

Ya, I'm sure the 450 will stretch the L-cheapo stock chain, as for the Fuel I was hoping he could go at least 40 miles max without worrying, as we never go on loops any larger than 40 without a planned fuel stop somewhere. The 13/50 is definitely better, I can see a flywheel in the bike future to, not too much to do though, seems like a great bike & yamaha has great reliablity. The fact the bike will never see 40-60% throttle will help to I'm sure.

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